Shawn Mendes - Intro (Wonder Trailer)




  • you are my ever favourite

    tasnun othaitasnun othai일 전
  • This is the best sound I've ever heard! Why is this not a full song I'm gonna cry😭😭

    Biante CloeteBiante Cloete7 일 전
  • Como que ya va a cumplir un año ? 😰

    Ricarda Ramos HernándezRicarda Ramos Hernández12 일 전
  • Back again to watch this, and it still gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up. What a masterpiece

    Leesha Bieber22Leesha Bieber2216 일 전
  • This was a moment 😭❤️

    BB ki VinesBB ki Vines21 일 전
  • Amo amo amo ❤️

    Ricarda Ramos HernándezRicarda Ramos Hernández23 일 전
  • ..

    bl slbl sl개월 전
  • ..

    bl slbl sl개월 전
  • .

    bl slbl sl개월 전
  • You have a million different faces.

    Diana Garces.Diana Garces.개월 전
  • It's Soo good

    Diana Garces.Diana Garces.개월 전
  • Inspiration for the mattress on the floor and playing the piano came from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody - I think, I hope!

    Sabrina PSabrina P개월 전
  • Ma encantan tus canciones Shawn sos mi cantante favorito y me encanta tu vos y me encanta el piano yo quiero aprender, a mi me gustaría mucho cantar todas las veces que pongo tus canciones me pongo a cantar

    Máxima ImperialeMáxima Imperiale개월 전
  • Why did this make me cry

    Jessica CarterJessica Carter개월 전
  • Shawn mendes

    R ManobalajiR Manobalaji개월 전
  • I remember this moment my sister was singing this when she left me alone

    Adolfo ToralAdolfo Toral개월 전
  • Wow

    Helen NzingaHelen Nzinga2 개월 전
  • Wow!...

    Jake guitar, piano and celloJake guitar, piano and cello2 개월 전
  • What can we do for you to release it the full version? 🤔🤔

    Cherry Anne TolentinoCherry Anne Tolentino2 개월 전
  • Full version of this song? please 😭😔😔

    Cherry Anne TolentinoCherry Anne Tolentino2 개월 전
  • Usually people don't work this hard on intro this 1 is rly good

    InshalInshal2 개월 전
  • Is beautiful!!!!

    Iratze MayaIratze Maya2 개월 전
  • Fun fact I've memorized the major 3rd interval using the first two notes of this intro.

    Akila KavisingheAkila Kavisinghe2 개월 전
  • Coolness💜💙

    Angelique NelAngelique Nel2 개월 전
  • heeeee make this fuuulllllllllllllllllllll

    Phome Myint MoPhome Myint Mo2 개월 전
  • Pls make the full video shawn its better than your other songs

    TrueSwiftyTrueSwifty2 개월 전
  • 7 months after and I'm still sad that this is not a full song

    MarieMarie2 개월 전
  • This is still the most beautiful thing I have ever listened to in my entire life.

    Anne DanaeAnne Danae2 개월 전
  • I need the full version!!

    sincerely aaiynsincerely aaiyn2 개월 전
  • ✨Get lost in wonderland✨ - Reminds me kinda of Alice in wonderland

    Denise SDenise S3 개월 전
  • That make me cry

    SlimebruhSlimebruh3 개월 전
  • This is so good shawn pls make full this pls i'm obessive

    May MoMay Mo3 개월 전
  • Its similar to the song memories song

    Ashif M KaizerAshif M Kaizer3 개월 전
  • This song inspired me to play my instruments again

    Musical MuskanMusical Muskan3 개월 전
  • Is it just me or does this intro hit different? Especially the music…?

    sesekhansesekhan3 개월 전
  • I love the start! Its cute! Omg this video is so good Shawn! I love it! ❤️

    Jasmine ❤️Jasmine ❤️3 개월 전
  • THE vibes are amazing

    Chloe GChloe G3 개월 전
  • We need a full version now

    Chloe GChloe G3 개월 전
  • Wow!

    Marlene DavidMarlene David3 개월 전
  • I'm sorry but no one is convincing me that this isn't better than the actual song.

    Kinan LeifKinan Leif3 개월 전
  • te amooooo

    caro Lcaro L3 개월 전
  • we need a full version of this song!! 😍😭

    Bea LoqueBea Loque3 개월 전
  • A part of me revives everytime I listen to this intro🥺 it's just soooo fuckng good

    ReetReet3 개월 전
  • Your passion for music and acting is inspiring me a lot

    SoumyaSoumya4 개월 전
  • Omg. I am a Fan of Shawn Mendes, where Can i See this Movie from him? ❤️😍👍💋

    nicole Schellhasenicole Schellhase4 개월 전
  • Love to love him

    8colors Is a dreamer8colors Is a dreamer4 개월 전

    nube de girasolnube de girasol4 개월 전
  • this album is underrated

    nube de girasolnube de girasol4 개월 전
  • Here after shawn mendes in wonder documentary

    sheri smithsheri smith4 개월 전

    ilove1D ☀️ilove1D ☀️4 개월 전
  • full version please !😭

    Vitória Barreira BarbosaVitória Barreira Barbosa4 개월 전
  • perfect

    Vitória Barreira BarbosaVitória Barreira Barbosa4 개월 전
  • so great 💘💘💘💘

    Vitória Barreira BarbosaVitória Barreira Barbosa4 개월 전
  • your voice is like a angle rising from heaven now im bout to go start my singing career!

    ReallyPariisReallyPariis4 개월 전
  • I do not mean to offend, but the only track in the album that satisfied my ears, my heart, my brain, my rest of the body, and my soul is the Intro.

    not a failurenot a failure4 개월 전
  • Safia

    Сафия АбылайкызыСафия Абылайкызы4 개월 전
    • Hi

      Сафия АбылайкызыСафия Абылайкызы4 개월 전
  • I love this

    alejandro seferino azaalejandro seferino aza4 개월 전
  • Somehow this really gives me peter pan vibes

    M DobleM Doble5 개월 전
  • I got COVID when this came out and... it just fits. Takes me back to a time of uncertainty. Where time felt as if it stoped

    Random LifeRandom Life5 개월 전
  • i love shawn

    Karla Estefania Martinez MartinezKarla Estefania Martinez Martinez5 개월 전
  • Uno de los mejores álbumes

    Karla Estefania Martinez MartinezKarla Estefania Martinez Martinez5 개월 전
  • so you’re telling me he didn’t take inspiration from Harry styles’s “Falling” while the piano scene

    anum.__ xanum.__ x5 개월 전
  • love you

    CamilaCamila5 개월 전
  • "LOVE U"

    ᒪIᑎᗴᗩ ᒍOᗷYᒪIᑎᗴᗩ ᒍOᗷY5 개월 전
  • This song deserves a full version

    Ali FaisalAli Faisal5 개월 전
    • @Amazing World 💓💓

      Ali FaisalAli Faisal4 개월 전
    • @Amazing World Pakistan bro

      Ali FaisalAli Faisal4 개월 전
    • Where are you from??

      Amazing WorldAmazing World4 개월 전
    • @Amazing World nice bro

      Ali FaisalAli Faisal4 개월 전
    • @Ali Faisal I'm from UK

      Amazing WorldAmazing World4 개월 전

    IsabelaIsabela5 개월 전
  • ❤️

    Adima JaiswalAdima Jaiswal5 개월 전
  • As a BeamNg player the piano riff sounds familiar...

    Gaalaxy CobeGaalaxy Cobe5 개월 전
  • I love Shawn Mendes

    Jonathan_ MendesJonathan_ Mendes5 개월 전

    Vanilla CaramelVanilla Caramel5 개월 전
  • Can't believe it's already 6 months old. Time literally flies!

    Anoushka PandeyAnoushka Pandey5 개월 전
  • Arttttt😭

    LuizSouzaOficialLuizSouzaOficial5 개월 전
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    MadalinMadalin5 개월 전
  • What if Shawn was spelled Chaun?

    Tuti BarajasTuti Barajas5 개월 전

    J_J_6 개월 전
  • Solo quiero saber si heres tu 😔

  • I wonder what happens to the birds maybe he will make the music video on his next album

    Sonia SilvaSonia Silva6 개월 전
    • Thank you for your love and support I would be nothing without it Kindly leave a mail

      Shawn MendesShawn Mendes5 개월 전
  • Your hair has grown

    tori's infinitely ASMRtori's infinitely ASMR6 개월 전
  • Still waiting the full version Shawn :p

    Daniel HernándezDaniel Hernández6 개월 전
  • e

    caro Lcaro L6 개월 전
  • it's so beautiful i'm gonna cryyyy

    Roonil WazlibRoonil Wazlib6 개월 전
  • Taicouvose

    Raquel FlauzinaRaquel Flauzina6 개월 전
  • Pareseuaqi

    Raquel FlauzinaRaquel Flauzina6 개월 전
  • 🥔 pra você 😘❤️ fã 😍😍❤️😍

    Raquel FlauzinaRaquel Flauzina6 개월 전
  • Omg help why does he look so perfect😭😭

    Kimmy the BestKimmy the Best6 개월 전
  • 0:16 Does anyone noticed the books kept in the bookshelf have the title names of the songs of the album wonder... Like 1st top book have the lyrics of monster "what if I fall" 3rd book have the title name of the song "teach me how to love"

    Aditya BawaneAditya Bawane6 개월 전
  • I love you!❤

    KáťaKáťa6 개월 전
  • When I'm stressed this is the best partner with In My blood and Youth and 10 others in my playlist🥺🥺🥺

    शिक्षा वटशिक्षा वट6 개월 전

    Kriti SharmaKriti Sharma6 개월 전
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    andreea carnaruandreea carnaru6 개월 전
  • Omg, I need the full version of this song.

    Ranti PratiwiRanti Pratiwi6 개월 전
  • Cut your hair

    Сaмуелa ДоневaСaмуелa Доневa6 개월 전
  • Bommm

  • When it came to the piano I was like: WHERE IS HIS HEAD💀

    Maka MuzhonaMaka Muzhona7 개월 전
  • I really hoped for a longer version🥺😕

    ninonino7 개월 전
  • The most nostalgic tune of song

    7 개월 전

    eli _0323eli _03237 개월 전
  • a

    caro Lcaro L7 개월 전
  • did anybody else notice on the newspaper on 0:09 the headline reads "Famous musician gone missing" and then like a black and white photo of Shawn I think

    •lauren_takumi••lauren_takumi•7 개월 전
  • I am really looking forward to wonder. I think it is going to be amazing!!!!

    7 개월 전