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  • What a great song, I love this very much. As per the below video. End of Humans is due very soon and even at that time I would be busy watching this video.

    Lovely LalliLovely Lalli14 분 전
  • unpopular opinion: handwritten is still my favorite album. don’t attack me

    SonSuz MüzikSonSuz Müzik16 분 전
  • I just woke up in morning at 5 am. Still Same feeling after 2 years later 😍😍

    jay khatwanijay khatwani25 분 전
  • Who remembers when Johnny Orlando covered this?

    Ha HaHa Ha27 분 전
  • ❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨

    Aira BibiolataAira Bibiolata34 분 전
  • I don't know why tickets for Shawn's Wonder tour have to be mobile

    Laura CorbettLaura Corbett41 분 전
  • I'm gonna buy tickets to see Shawn on his Wonder Tour in Washington DC on July 22 at the Capital One Arena next year I haven't bought tickets yet but I'm trying to save money to buy them

    Laura CorbettLaura Corbett42 분 전
  • My girlfriend love this song very much

    FitGuyRickFitGuyRick43 분 전
  • The nostalgia is real ppl

    🎈The losers club✨🎈The losers club✨49 분 전
  • i can't imagine what a "wuhurld" would be without your amazing music, shawn 💓🌼

    Matilde Fabiola JaraMatilde Fabiola Jara시간 전
    • world*

      Matilde Fabiola JaraMatilde Fabiola Jara시간 전
  • It's 1 billion now!

    PsychartPsychart시간 전
  • E era antes da pandemia

    Mariana Vitória JanuárioMariana Vitória Januário시간 전
  • Os dois cantores que eu mais amo são esses dois, os melhores ❤️❤️❤️

    SavioSavio시간 전
  • D-e-s-p-a-c-i-t-o...)))

    Michael PavlovMichael Pavlov시간 전
  • جفاف عاطفي 👍👽

    السيده قوقل /Mrs Google ♀️السيده قوقل /Mrs Google ♀️시간 전
  • BEST SONG EVER!!!!💯❤❤❤

    Cynthia D.Cynthia D.2 시간 전
  • I love this song

    Nate FineNate Fine2 시간 전
  • And his clothes, my man i mna trow up

    DeniDeni3 시간 전
  • It’s October 2021 let’s see how many people come back to this

    Lily KathLily Kath3 시간 전
    • hayy

      happii anna ꕥhappii anna ꕥ2 시간 전
  • Omg I'm in love with the song

    Kerry-anne RobinsonKerry-anne Robinson3 시간 전
  • Bruv he changed in Shit Mendes, i loved his songs before, but now...At all this is hitt, but idk all songs after this are shit

    DeniDeni3 시간 전
  • Badak dan ikan

    Ditya WoWDitya WoW3 시간 전
  • 0:51 :) 1:58 3:05

    shade iEshade iE3 시간 전
  • انا عربي اصلي👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Bader HebejejBader Hebejej3 시간 전
  • اي

    Bader HebejejBader Hebejej3 시간 전
  • I didn’t comment but I was here before 1 billion

  • 🍂🍂

    Jackelin AloyJackelin Aloy3 시간 전
  • OK. I haven't seen anyone talking about it yet, but aren't the piano notes at the beginning super similar to the Stranger Things theme song??? 🤯🤯

    Ana Luiza FerreiraAna Luiza Ferreira3 시간 전
  • it truly is the most beautiful song i have ever heard

    jecob smithjecob smith3 시간 전
  • It's oct 2021lets see how many people are still listing to this MASTERPIECE

    a huge crazy Camilizer here😅✨a huge crazy Camilizer here😅✨3 시간 전
    • sup

      happii anna ꕥhappii anna ꕥ2 시간 전
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

    Mónica Berenice López RamírezMónica Berenice López Ramírez3 시간 전
  • this song keeps me going, i wish shawn knew how much he helps me

    luuuuuuluuuuuu3 시간 전
  • "I wonder wouldn't it be nice to live inside a world that isn't black and white" i felt that ❤ 💜

    Latifah GrantLatifah Grant3 시간 전
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    #Alexander #Clinton#Alexander #Clinton3 시간 전
  • Marty my cousin

    Natalia CooleNatalia Coole3 시간 전
    • Pls

      Natalia CooleNatalia Coole3 시간 전
  • People in 2021 l l \/

    itz_ashirwadaitz_ashirwada4 시간 전
  • me: Ahhhh heyyyyyy DONT TOUCH ME mom; geeez

    crystal smithcrystal smith4 시간 전
  • I need to stop watching this.

    Nick VNick V4 시간 전
  • this tow are better couple, than Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Ever did plus they both cute together who else agrees 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Zoe CZoe C4 시간 전
  • U.S. ARMY.

    Amine MidAmine Mid4 시간 전

    Amine MidAmine Mid4 시간 전
  • , Why does me and you have the same name

    Khalifa MendesKhalifa Mendes4 시간 전
  • baby welcome to 🎃

    Weliane FerreiraWeliane Ferreira4 시간 전
  • I know what you did last summer 😩

    Artoria pendragon’s FavoriteArtoria pendragon’s Favorite4 시간 전
  • 21.

    Amine MidAmine Mid4 시간 전

    lloyd inoncillolloyd inoncillo4 시간 전
  • Respect for all the people who listen to this song after 6 years 😎👊🏻

    🎶music lover 🎶🎶music lover 🎶4 시간 전
  • Hey

    Nicole RonconNicole Roncon4 시간 전
  • Hi

    Nicole RonconNicole Roncon4 시간 전
  • 2021

    MartaMarta5 시간 전
  • Wowww sooo amazing this video!! Can’t help loving this boy, how I wish he’s my son!!

    Benilda RegisBenilda Regis5 시간 전
  • علاش غانتفقص وأنا ماعندي تاعلاقة بالموضوع 🙂⁦✌️⁩

    Nora AmaizNora Amaiz5 시간 전
  • Who is listening just before Christmas 2021 ? ✋

    Pulotaverzio 7849Pulotaverzio 78495 시간 전
  • I love this song

    It's beanieIt's beanie5 시간 전
  • I like the love in this song

    Amber BartleyAmber Bartley5 시간 전
  • Hey everyone, This might sound stupid and you can put all the toxicity you want, but I just want to state one fact. I feel like I have a connection, my dream is to be a singer songwriter like Shawn Mendes but I know that won't happen. I always cry to your old songs Shawn! Keep making good music :)

    PandaRBPandaRB5 시간 전
  • I love this! My new FAVOURITE song

    Roo LewisRoo Lewis5 시간 전
  • tolle Musik. schade, dass nicht die ferien Grüße aus Deutschland

    Pita mütekPita mütek5 시간 전
  • They say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," and it seems as if Shawn Mendes decided to take a bit of inspiration from my song that I released earlier this summer called, "Summer for Love." Here is the link: go listen the hook and see if you can't tell the similarity!

    Germane MusicGermane Music5 시간 전
  • bouta buy every single ticket bro

    PandaRBPandaRB5 시간 전
  • I prefer a Vespa tho.

    JW888JW8885 시간 전
  • Ich komme aus Germany plis

    Pita mütekPita mütek5 시간 전
  • My favorite song ❤

    patel angelpatel angel5 시간 전
  • 51.

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전
  • ROCK.

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전
  • +

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전
  • 32.

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전
  • T.

    Amine MidAmine Mid5 시간 전
  • U R GAY

    GhghghfhjchgchgchgGhghghfhjchgchgchg6 시간 전
  • Show me an open door and slam on me

    Jennifer HeistonJennifer Heiston6 시간 전
  • 6 years later, if you’re watching this you’re a legend.

    SonSuz MüzikSonSuz Müzik6 시간 전
  • alis <3

    Airis TarotAiris Tarot6 시간 전

    19.Nawfal Ihsan19.Nawfal Ihsan6 시간 전
  • Bella ❤❤❤

    Rabbaz ShahRabbaz Shah6 시간 전
  • This song break my heart always, because, I can treat her better :( .

    Maikel DavidMaikel David6 시간 전
    • 😔

      Mustafa ÇaparMustafa Çapar6 시간 전
  • Chemistry 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Arifa ShrabanyArifa Shrabany6 시간 전
  • Onde foi esse show. Tá lindo demais

    Orley Carlos BarbosaOrley Carlos Barbosa6 시간 전
  • His voice❤️‍🔥

    Lena RubinsteinLena Rubinstein6 시간 전